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MALPE FISHES - from Sea to Table!

We catch and serve ‘Sea Divinity’ in Karnataka. We plate up freshness with quick delivery. Our fishermen hook the best fish daily and within hours we are all set up to deliver it to your homes . We are known for delivering fish without any Preservatives and Chemical because nothing tastes as good as organic. We are ready to preserve health and taste buds for conscious living. Our own fishing boats add a competitive edge to our pricing.

Freshly kept without any preservatives

We don't serve staleness on your plate

Eat fish atleast twice a week for healthy living!

Within 3Km delivery is free

Malpe Fishes focuses exclusively on being a provider of quality seafood and we handle a a complete line of fresh and frozen items. We believe in educating all the customers and providing with all the necessary information to make the most informed seafood choices.


Tons of sea food every month


Types of sea food products

Our Products


Know your Fish

Test your fish for Formalin and Ammonia at the comfort of your home.

Formaldehyde occurs naturally in the environment.As a metabolic intermediate, formaldehyde is present at low levels in most living organisms. It can be therefore found naturally in small amounts in a wide range of raw foods, including fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, crustacean, dairy products, etc. High levels of formaldehyde up to 300ppm to 400ppm are found naturally in dried mushrooms including shiitake.

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General Kinds of cuts available



Fresh fish washed and packed as a whole



Meat from the lateral sides of the fish is chopped and packed as boneless pieces. You will receive two pieces of boneless meat from each fish


Curry cut

Meat is chopped into small pieces which are ready to cook, either for preparing curry or to be fried


Whole Cleaned

Scales removed or Skin-out as appropriate. Fish is cut with part of the head intact, meat is cleaned, but not cut in to smaller pieces. Pan-ready and readied to be fried as a whole in case of medium size fish.



Cleaned whole fish is cut into good size pieces (steaks) ready to cook.